The artist bought 20 medicinal recipes from a Venezuelan Shaman in Brooklyn.  These are currently being transcribed and this page updated when each transcription is complete. Objects are used in ceremony.


A recipe for medicine that repels authoritative assholes such as politicians, judges, police

Capture and remove,
Authority which hates and is hated.
attain an old demon’s mouth in a demon’s old store
and visit a child’s playroom
 to receive a gift of empty four wheels
Combine with fabric of virtue and honesty
The demon will suck in powerful anger
And it will be negated



 a metal devil’s head found in a racist’s antique store

pair it with: a child’s toy car from a family of car company executives.  This item must be given by the child, and must have no bottom and must be hollow.

Wrap this pairing with a ribbon from a female virgin’ grave.  Ribbon must be a light-toned color; it can have patterning.  It must be long enough to wrap around at least two times.

after assembling tell only and all female relations one comes in personal contact with what this object is used for.  This energy in discussion will generate energy for this object, making it able to absorb and drive away negative authority.

Medicinal object used to disintegrate roadblocks in business situations

Fire to burn
Walls of thought and stagnation
An old laborer’s flame
Combined to a new strategist’s tool
By the wax of an actualizer
Let thoughts flow with bronze nails
In this show, there will be success


Gather: white wax from a melted candle, and form into a ball.  Original candle must have been owned by a retired engineer, and must be melted down by its own natural progression
            Embed ¼” bronze nails around ball’s circumference. 
Combine wax with:
            a well used and cherished lighter from a day laborer.  
            A broken game die from an professional RPG gamer, under the age of 13 and not over 31

lighter area of an object is to be depleted of fuel by sparking and activating flame in front of location of business before it can be of use.

"Power Objects" Series, 2012