Each sculpture-as-character is realized through the Internet’s anti-filter.  This allows disassociated characters in and outside of our universe to confront each other and create their own world of damaged thought.  This spectacle explicitly focuses and helps to process my thoughts on a seemingly infinite stream of decontextualized and repurposed images in blog culture.  Digitalized color, emotion and composition are rendered through physical materials such as neon modeling clay, plaster and ceramic.  Emanating from the core of each sculpture is slow, creeping ooze that moves almost unnoticeably into the casual observer’s space.  Over several weeks it shifts through protracted time into the gallery and begins to dry, slowly but continuously changing form, color, and surface.   Ultimately the ooze complicates any tidy resolution that the viewer attempts to assemble and acts as a continuation of the abundant incomprehensibility on the Internet.


Adams Puryear, 2012